How To Learn Jazz Piano

When you think piano lessons most people usually immediately think classical music. They think Bach, Schubert, Haydn, Chopin, or any other composer of the classical genre. The funny thing is that there are way more jazz gigs than there are classical gigs. That’s why if performing music is important to you than you must increase your definition of what piano lessons might be. The study of jazz piano is just as great of an artform as classical music.  In addition, it’s really an enjoyable way to study piano.  We should go into depth more on jazz piano lessons and learn and discover some ways to take free jazz lessons online.

A Few Starter Ideas To Help You  Become A Jazz Piano Player


1. Study Some Jazz Theory

Jazz has many building blocks and common patterns that you’ll see happening throughout many standards.  It’s a good idea to dive into these patterns.  Check out some music theory books to go further into this topic.

2. Work On Your Rhythm and Your Swing Feel

You’ve heard the quote before, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”?  Well, it’s very true when it comes to jazz.  Jazz articulation and rhythmic placement is very different than classical music.  Listen closely to how accents and beat placement differ.

3. Study Some Jazz Vocabulary and Licks

Just like in all languages jazz has a vocabulary and their are “word and sentences”.  That’s why it’s recommended to learn some famous jazz licks to get you started.  Check out this free jazz lesson online video to get you started